Happy New Year!

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Best wishes to you all

as the New Year starts

2003 was fun

but it's time to part.


The Mosses had fun

last year was a sensation

we were busy with lots

of fantastic vacations.


Becca and Ken celebrated

their marriage of 10 years

hot lava in Hawaii

kicked off their next 10, it appears


Sarah, Jeremy and Abigail

turned nine, six and three

Soon we'll be done with diapers

that is -- if Abby will agree


Our Arizona oasis is done

complete with a pool

Lots of relatives are there

which we all think is cool.


Ken is still at Microsoft

15 years have now passed

He's working on web search

which he finds a blast.


Becca is coaching basketball

and the piano she can now play

her knee is improving

and her cooking is gourmet


The kids love school

They are great in math, I confess

Two play piano

But their favorite is still recess


Swim team, soccer, baseball

and basketball too

we love the Mariners

but a world series -- we're still due


We wish you a happy

and a healthy new year

may it bring peace to the world -

we will all give a cheer.




We'd love to hear a brief or not-so-brief note from you -- Becca's email is  becca@themosses.com and ken's is kenmo@microsoft.com .   And, if you want to see any of our older pictures, just go to our home page



Sarah posing with a rainbow

The pool at the Grant Wailea is the

best pool we've ever seen.  The kids LOVED it!

We got to do a few short hikes

Ken and Jeremy are shooting Becca, Becca is getting Sarah.  Don't worry -- Sarah got us all back later!

The kids were fascinated by whale watching We got to "hang out" with some whales for the whole boat trip Here's a mother with her baby! Everyone was tired from all of the fun.


Mountain Springs Lodge

Who's having the most fun?

Our annual trip to the snow was a hit as always -- good fun with good friends


Tenth Anniversary on the Big Island

Lava covered this road only 5 months earlier! We hiked out to the lava flows -- the only place on earth you can predictably get this close to lava.  It was one of the most amazing things we've ever seen Taking a break during a round of golf
White corral on black lava makes a nice "chalkboard" for us to celebrate out anniversary Sunset views from our room were amazing! Sunset dinner on our anniversary


Fun in Arizona

The kids didn't seem to mind that the pool was unfinished at Thanksgiving!

Solving crossword puzzles in the hot tub

Almost finished!

Golf with cousins Bill, Pam

and Jeff was a blast!  Ken hit a cactus with his first drive

Abigail in our front yard

The Moss Oasis Finally the pool is ready for our December visit! The dining room and kitchen And the family room
Our bedroom Sarah and Abigail's room Jeremy's room Who wants to come and stay with us?


Abigail turns 3! The girls helped Becca make Abigail's birthday cake - Yum! Everyone piles into Abby's new "big girl" bed! Sarah turns 9 with a Magic Show party!
And she gets a new bike!

A birthday brunch up the Space Needle

started off a perfect day!

Jeremy turns 6 and everyone joins in the present fun A new hoop!


Summer Fun

Jeremy getting ready for his

swim meet

He dives into the pool for a

25 yard freestyle race!

Sarah on the block

This was Sarah's first year at Camp

Solomon Schecter. Here we are saying

goodbye to her with her friends

Miriam, Madelyn and Olivia

Doesn't look like she'll miss us much!

But Abby missed Sarah!

Here she is blowing a kiss...

Becca shoots a basket

to "dunk"

the kids with water

at the Microsoft picnic


First day of school

Ready for 1st and 3rd grade! Jeremy finds his desk

The day isn't complete

without the first day of

school bus stop Par-Tay!



Ready for trick-or-treating! The first night of Hanukkah!


Emily Moore charity dinner for JCC

We hosted another dinner with a local renowned chef to raise money for the JCC... and the food was amazing.  We never knew our kitchen could cook such wonderful food!  Here are a few of the wonderful dishes she prepared a unique theme of "Smoke & Oranges" Pressed Spinach Salad with smoked whitefish, garnished with satsuma butterflies, pumpkin shoestrings and pomegranate vinaigrette Smoked Breast and Braised Legs of Duck - with parsnips 2-way, a pinot gris and Essencia sauce and quince-sage-ginger relish Chateaubriand of Beef Tenderloin - crusted with rosemary persillade, served with smoked and roasted potatoes and duck liver mousse Lapsang Souchang Sorbet, Coconut Tuiles and Orange Almond Cake


(And everything else)

The Before Picture - yes, that's Jeremy's front tooth SIDEWAYS! And the After Picture Jeremy sleeping with Abigail - so cute! Crazy kids! Becca with her friend Gail at her 40th birthday
We had wonderful visits with Jill and Jimmy this year The Lunar Eclipse from our bedroom Ken and Jeremy built a pine-block derby car -- they won this heat (lane 2) and went to the finals (notice there's no picture of the finals...) Sarah performing at her piano recital