Happy New Year 2003 !


Happy New Year!

Another year has come and gone in a blink of an eye.  It's always fun to look back on the past year so we've put together a "picture book" of what the Mosses have been up to in 2002.

It was another big year for our family.  The kids are now 8, 5 and 2 -- picking up tons of new sports and hobbies, and growing in every way possible.  Soccer, piano, skiing, t-ball, basketball -- are just the beginning.  Becca has been using her few precious free hours by having fun playing basketball, spinning, coaching Jeremy's basketball team, volunteering in the schools and taking piano lessons.  Ken is still at Microsoft, and is working harder and having more fun than he has in a while.  We did manage to take some awesome vacations this past year, and to see a lot of extended family.

We'd love to hear a brief or not-so-brief note from you -- Ken's email is still kenmo@microsoft.com, and Becca's is becca@themosses.com.   And, if you want to see any of our older pictures, just go to our home page

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Sarah is loving 2nd grade. Jeremy is finally loving school -- he lives for the 3 recesses he gets.  Sports is Jeremy's way to meet every kid in school! Abigail is our first child who really enjoys going to preschool this early.  She is very social and loves her teachers and friends.
Here are the kids all excited on the first day of school.  Jeremy has a bruise on his face from falling a couple of days earlier -- but it didn't slow him down! After Jeremy rode the bus to school, Ken is helping Jeremy get settled in his Kindergarten class by getting his supplies together.


Abigail and Jeremy enjoying "truck day" at the JCC
  Sarah finished up 1st grade with some fun with Ms. Otis  



Jeremy turned 5 with a basketball party with tons of friends Abigail had a quieter 2nd birthday -- but she insists that she's already 3 :-) Sarah got to have a sleep-over party -- the girls actually got to sleep!  Who would have thought... Sarah and her friends getting ready to obliterate a pinata in our back yard.



The whole family had a great time at the Beaches resort on Turks and Caicos in July.  The beach there was unbelievably beautiful and the water was as warm as bath water! We also spent a lot of time in the pools and on the water slides. Two bathing beauties...
Abby's practicing to be a super-model.   The kids loved trying out the fins and snorkel equipment in the pools



We took a wonderful trip to Hawaii in February.  After spending a week in Maui with our good friends the Robinsons, we went on a week cruise with Becca's parents and Ken's parents on the Norwegian Star

The bon voyage toast on our balcony

The pools on the ship were amazing.  The kids loved these freshwater waterslides.

Sarah teasing Zaydie on the balcony

Abby having some cuddle time with Grandma


Harold and Gloria enjoying the beach in the Republic of Kiribati

Some darling kids that wanted us to take their picture


Playing on the beach

Jeremy and Sarah playing in the sand

Becca and Ken made it to the USS Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor prior to the cruise


Formal Night

All dressed up and ready for dinner


Look carefully for the humpback whale and her baby breeching nearby our ship -- click on the picture to enlarge it.


Ahhh... Gorgeous sunset!



Sports and Hobbies

Jeremy played t-ball this past spring on the Rockies Both Sarah and Jeremy played soccer for the first time this fall. Here they are all dressed up in the soccer uniforms Sarah has really been enjoying playing the piano this year -- she's quickly become the best player in the house.
Swim team was a highlight for Sarah this summer Here she is at her first swim meet at the Mercerwood Shoreclub Sarah posing with some of her swim ribbons



Summer Fun

We also enjoyed visits from Becca's brother Geof and his family.


Laurie and Geof met Sir Topham Hatt at a Day Out with Thomas We loved having Becca's dad, Xiaopei and  Danny visit this summer too
Ken's cousin Brandon came up for a week visit as a Bar Mitzvah present this summer.  Here he is posing with Becca's nephew Charlie on one of the Navy ships in town We took Brandon to Ohanapecosh to see some REAL trees Resting in the Grove of the Patriarchs
Mt. Rainier makes a great backdrop for a game of Ring Around the Rosy!   Mt. Rainier and the Nisqually glacier were stunning on the hike we took with Brandon.


Winter Fun

March surprised us with a late winter snowfall... ...And our stream Even Abby got out to enjoy it before it all melted!
We just got back from a terrific ski vacation at Sun Peaks with our good friends the Gottliebs and Lillys.  Jeremy and Sarah LOVED their ski lessons The "big kids" got to drive their own snowmobiles at the Kids Adventure Park We spent time in the hot tub after a day of skiing with friends Lorri, Joel and Christa


Family Fun

The kids took Daddy mini-golfing on Father's Day  

Becca paints Jeremy's face at the Walk Far for N.A.A.R event to raise money for autism research


Here are the kids sporting their slightly too big t-shirts after they finished the 5K walk
Look closely and you'll see that Jeremy lost his first two teeth this fall Ken with Sarah on the Denny Creek hike on Rosh Hashanah


Our havurah posing after our Rosh Hashanah service at Denny Creek
Scary.... Bubbie and Zaydie visited for Thanksgiving and Hanukkah. Here are Jeremy and Sarah cuddling with Zaydie Abby gets her time with Zaydie too!


Y-Princesses & Y-Guides

Ken loved spending one-on-one time with the older kids in their Y-Princess and Y-Guide tribes.  This year Ken is the chief of Sarah's tribe, the Tillikums. Sarah and her tribe show off their finished work on the parade banner for the Mercer Island Summer Celebration parade. Jeremy and Ken went on a fall campout together with his tribe, the Golden Runamocks, to Camp Orkila.  Jeremy got a bulls-eye!


Sarah and Ken at her spring campout at Island Lake   Sarah got up the nerve to go down the giant slide and swim in the lake.