We wanted to take a moment to say "Hi" and for those of you who celebrate Rosh Hashanah, we wanted to wish you all a very happy and healthy New Year!!

And, here is a little update of what's been up in our lives.  We'd love to hear a brief or not-so-brief note from you -- our emails are still: beccam@msn.com and kenmo@microsoft.com .   And, if you want to see any of our older pictures, just go to our home page

Sarah and Jeremy just had their big "first day of school!"  Sarah has started  Kindergarten!  She loves Mrs. O'Neill's class, and has really shown that she loves learning new things and being challenged in all sorts of ways.  Jeremy also loves his class.  His best friend Jay is there with him, and he's enjoying all aspects of school including art projects, swimming and music.  Jeremy has gained a lot of self confidence in the past two months, and has definitely become a "big boy."  They both are making lots of new friends, as are their parents!

Abigail is almost five months old now -- she's smiling and cooing a lot now, and getting very social.  Her most recent accomplishment is rolling over.  But, her parents favorite accomplishment is her sleeping through the night (well, most of the time :-).

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Sarah and Jeremy's First day of school




Sarah               Jeremy



Sarah getting on the bus!!  Becca getting teary-eyed.



Our first-day-of-school bus stop party got covered in the Mercer Island Reporter.  Sarah and Jeremy are pictured on page 2 and noted in the caption!


Page 1                  Page 2




Abigail is almost 5 months old!  She's turning into a great little baby -- the most even-tempered of our three.  She loves giving our her winning smile!  Here are some pictures to catch up with her!


Four month portrait Another four month portrait Abigail - eight weeks
Abigail - 3 months, Becca - 33 years Sarah & Abigail - 2 months Becca & Abigail - 3 1/2 months


Some more pictures

One of my favorite pics of Jeremy The "big" kids having a blast at the Microsoft family picnic Sarah's 6th birthday party - blowing out the candles Sarah's friends watching her open her presents


And here's some artwork from the local museum

Jeremy's picture of Ken for father's day Sarah's pre-K wish A piece of Sarah's kindergarten work