We wanted to take a moment to say "Hi" and to wish everybody a very happy and healthy New Year!!

2001 was a big year for our family.  We had a bunch of great vacations, did a LOT of growing.  The end of the year turned much more somber with both 9/11, and the recent passing of Becca's dear Grandmother Rena (G.G. to the kids).  Rena was 91 and had such a wonderful life -- we all feel very fortunate to have been able to spend so much time with her in the last two years she lived here on Mercer Island. 

We'd love to hear a brief or not-so-brief note from you -- Ken's email is still kenmo@microsoft.com, but Becca's has changed to becca@themosses.com.   And, if you want to see any of our older pictures, just go to our home page

We've picked out a few (alright, a ton) of our favorite pictures from the year (actually from March on...).

The pictures may look a lot better on your screen if you turn up the "brightness" display on your monitor.  Click on any of the small pictures to see a bigger picture.


School Pics

She's cute and she knows it...

Jeremy's having a terrific year in Pre-K, can't wait until Kindergarten

Sarah is thriving in 1st grade.  She's reading the Harry Potter series for the 2nd time, is in chess club, and has lots of new friends this year.


Ready for the 1st day of school!

Still ready...

Jeremy enjoying his new classroom on the first day!


Grandma and Granders sharing stories with Sarah's class

Jeremy "graduating" with his teachers last year.

Sarah's "graduation" party from Kindergarten -- her teacher has a tradition of sliding down a hill on a block of ice.


Our dear G.G.

Sarah with G.G. playing cards

Abigail with G.G. on May 5th, Abigail's 1st birthday and G.G.'s 91st. birthday


YMCA Princesses         

Sarah having fun with her Y-Princess "tribe"

Same group at an overnight on the beach

Our little "Annie Oakley"

Sarah's first Bulls-Eye!!



Abigail's 1st bday with homemade cake!

Wondering what to do with this cake-thing

She's figured it out!


Jeremy turned 4 in April

Sarah had a fun Harry Potter bday party in September when she turned 7


Lots of fun...



Our annual trek up to the snow with friends was great.


We went out to Lake Chelan for a week-end.  The waterpark was the huge favorite

Who's having more fun?

Jeremy wanted to go faster, faster, faster...

Yee hah!


Jeremy making super hero muscles with cousin Jack

Jeremy got to wear the train conductor's hat on the LIRR!

We had a great time at the Ben and Jerry's ice cream factory in Vermont

One of our favorite flavors!


Abigail LOVED feeding the goats!

and Jeremy...

and Sarah...

The kids had loads of fun with cousins Roxanne, Max, Rachel and Hazel at Smuggler's Notch


Ken manages to "Ring the cow bell" without falling off the wobbly rope ladder into the lake!

Resting by the creek

Becca by the creek

Where's all the snow?


Fun near home


Sarah loved taking ski lessons through Powder Pigs.  Here she is with her ski instructor Kirsten

Sarah with Becca on the last day of lessons

Ken climbed Mt. Si in September with his friend Barry

Quite a view from up there!


We had quite a treat in September when our kitchen was chosen to film an episode for PBS of "Jewish Cooking in America with Joan Nathan".  She and her chef cooked up a whole salmon stuffed with gefilte fish.  Look for it to air sometime this spring!


In July, Ken and Becca got to experience a once in a lifetime event: the 2001 All-Star Game!



We had a great outing to Point Defiance State Park down in Tacoma.


Sarah and Jeremy riding the train and Mercer Island's Summer Celebration

Pretty cute!

Becca and her PEPS group

Our havurah's annual Rosh Hashanah hike and outdoor service at Denny Creek