Abigail Mae Moss

Born May 5, 2000

10:57 PM

7 lbs, 7.5 oz.

20 inches


Please scroll down and join us in welcoming Abigail to the world -- here's some pictures from the momentous day!

Here's Abigail just seconds after being born -- Mom is already feeling great!

All of her toes and fingers are in place!

Becca, still in awe of the miracle that just happened minutes earlier

Getting the quick check from the nurse -- everything looks great!

Dad can't believe how beautiful she is!

Mom is enjoying Abigail's first bath, and some much needed nourishment.

Abigail's not enjoying her bath quite as much as Mom...

They don't come any cuter now, do they!

All of her stats...

And, we actually got to notice the awesome view from room 5S-591